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Do you have a question about Artevia™?

The answer may be here!  We have listed a few of our most frequently asked questions, if your question is not here why not contact us at a local office or our Artevia™ Colour Centre on 0870 336 8256 



FAQ 1 : What makes Artevia Concrete different from regular concrete?

Artevia is a decorative concrete designed to enhance your indoor and outdoor space. Consider the different ranges offered: Artevia Polish, Artevia Exposed, Artevia Stone, Artevia Print, Artevia Polish, Artevia Colour or Artevia Sand.


Artevia concrete products are recognized for their toughness, durability and easy maintenance. Aretevia concrete is laid by a network of PRO Artevia application professionals certified by Lafarge, in order to achieve the best possible results for your project.

FAQ 2 : Is decorative concrete a new product?

Decorative concrete has seen increasing popularity as an indoor and outdoor design material. Previously more common in large-scale projects, concrete has become an essential decorative element in the last few years. An ideal way to accent your living spaces, Artevia decorative concrete is aesthetic, durable and economical. Moreover, its elegant look is adaptable to regional materials, and its' finish is exclusively a Lafarge process skilfully applied by our PRO Artevia applicators.

FAQ 3 : What is the PRO Artevia network?

The PRO Artevia network of applicators assembles professionals certified by Lafarge. Working directly with you, PRO Artevia applicators help with the overall success of of your projects. Through training courses lead by Lafarge, these applicators learn all the technical aspects (guidelines, mixing, etc.) needed to join the PRO Artevia network. Thanks to theoretical and practical training, these professionals can become experts in the application of all Artevia products. Lafarge instructors accompany and guide them on their first projects to ensure the highest quality work. The network also ensures the continued quality of all applicators.


FAQ 4 : Can I use Artevia concrete both indoors and outdoors?

Yes. The Artevia product line is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Aesthetic and varied, our products will help you to personalize each of your projects.

The marble effect of Artevia Polish will illuminate your living-room. While, Artevia Exposed gives you a durable outdoor surface.

FAQ 5 : How can I obtain Artevia decorative concrete?

Contact your local Lafarge office listed under contacts

FAQ 6 : A product I like isn’t available for my region, can I still use it?

The Artevia product line varies according to region. Its textures and colour depend on the origin of the aggregate, the raw material of our concrete.

If the texture you wish to use is not available in your region, we recommend that you contact your local Lafarge office or plant to discuss the feasibility of your project.


FAQ 7 : Can I ask for an estimate?

To receive an estimate, you can contact a local consultant under contacts or send your inquiry to:

FAQ 8 : How is Artevia concrete laid? Should I call a professional for my project?

Our concrete is laid following strict guidelines. It involves technical knowledge and skills that only a professional can acquire. We recommend that you contact a Lafarge certified professional applicator from the PRO Artevia network. Our professionals are experienced artisans trained in both Artevia techniques and worksite standards and management.


FAQ 9 : What is the appropriate thickness for my patio?

You should have a minimum of 15cm of available depth for outdoor patios ot as specified by your local building code.

FAQ 10 : How do I maintain Artevia surfaces?

Indoors and outdoors, the Artevia product line has been developed for easy maintenance. No special products are required: a simple mop will suffice indoors, a hose or pressure-washer outdoors.

Artevia surfaces are also highly durable and resistant to temperature variations. Our applicators do, however, recommend the application of a protective sealant every three years to preserve the original sheen of your surfaces.

FAQ 11 : Is decorative concrete environmentally friendly?

Committed to sustainable construction, Artevia has set a certain number of HQE (High Environmental Quality Standards) goals. These include integrating a project into its environment, using economical and durable local products, and reducing maintenance.

Moreover, in conjunction with its applicators, Lafarge favours products and processes that respect the environment (organic products, waste management, etc.).  Artevia also helps you to achieve valuable LEED credit points for your project !


FAQ 12 : I’ve often heard that concrete is susceptible to cracks, is this true?

Concrete laid according to our guidelines on a well prepared support will minimise the risk of cracking. Artevia products firmly belong to the category of concretes that are highly resistant to wear, extreme heat and freeze/thaw cycles. We also recommend that you seal your Artevia surfaces with a product offered by our applicators. However, despite all precautions, slight cracking may appear even in high quality work.

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